Cover by Nicole Ginelli

Never Knows feat. Qzen

Untitled 26


A - On & On & On feat. Qzen
B - On & On & On feat. Qzen (Birdcage Mix)

The new single from Never Knows is a deep industrial workhorse of a single titled “On & On & On”. Late night dance floor excursions seem to be the modus operandi of Never Knows' productions, reaching people at the time their minds become foggy and vulnerable to subversive thoughts. Collaborations featuring characterful vocal narratives have been a recurring staple of Never Knows’ singles, and “On & On & On” continues this run with the contribution of Qzen.

A Bay Area native, Qzen is the voice of underground dance music cuts by the likes of John Tejada, 40 Thieves, and Guillaume & The Coutu-Dumonts. On this release her reverberating words are ripe with “what if” posturing: “What if the sun never shone, and if the day never dawned, and if the light were just beyond, would we go on and on and on?” The original mix spaces her vocals out over rolling up-down patterned synth layers, a heavy swing style drum beat, and the rhythmic clash of metal pans.

The companion remix comes from Japanese producer Birdcage (Basilic, Somebody’s Story) who lets the vocals breathe more playfully, but in eerie fashion over glitchy, percussive scratches and eroded distorting synths that transition frequencies from high to low and back up to the mid-range as the track progresses. If this single is the soundtrack to never seeing the sun then lots of people could be easily persuaded into signing up for this suspended in time experiment.A.


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