Artwork by Jody Jock
Robert Crouch & Morgan Packard

Untitled 21


1 - Big Fake Tears (Original)
2 - Big Fake Tears (Frank Bretschneider Remix)
3 - Big Fake Tears (Thomas Hildebrand Remix)
4 - Big Fake Tears (Kyoka Remix)
5 - Big Fake Tears (Groj Remix)

In their collaboration for Untitled & After, Morgan Packard and Robert Crouch apply their collective mastery of texture and depth to create a massive track of fragmented beats, mysterious drones and delicate ephemeral embellishments. The impact of their track "Big Fake Tears" is immediate and direct – simple, minimal beats upon a blanket of evolving sound. But closer listening reveals a spacious architecture of complexity – intimate sonic finials and shifting vantage points.

Focusing more deeply on the rhythmic complexity of the original, Frank Bretschneider creates a frenetic, constantly-shifting track of skips and clicks – all attack and no decay – beats that are intricately tangled.

Thomas Hildebrand's remix moves through deeper, darker space as blurry sounds pass vaguely though the mix like fireflies through a moonlit forest.

A peak of rhythmic unpredictability, Kyoka's remix chops and cuts "Big Fake Tears" into a thousand sharp fragments that reassemble themselves to become both playful and dangerous.

Groj closes the EP with a more rhythmically direct, even aggressive, approach, but with his unique synthetic soundscaping. He programs flourishes of melody and gristle that bend and break apart to create almost-melodies that travel with a will of their own.


Philip Sherburne (The Wire / Pitchfork / Beatportal / Resident Advisor)
Rating: 4/5 - Beautiful!!! I love the richness of the original -- all those glowing, swarming tones. Really nice. All the mixes are cool, especially Bretschneider's and Groj's...


Ezekiel Honig (Anticipate / Microcosm)
A solid release all around. Each version complements the others, giving you several quirky percussion fueled workouts.


Richard Chartier (Line / 12k / Trente Oiseaux)


Deepchild (Trapez / Resopal Schallware)
Sensationally dope. Sensationally left-field.


Mathias Schaffhäuser (Ware Records / Groove Magazine / NOICE!)
Rating: 5/5 - wow, what a fantastic package after tons of faceless promo!. really like the original, especially the drum + reverb treatments... also the bretschneider remix which is as brilliant as all his recent stuff. KYOKA is also wicked! will definitely chart + play


Three (HallucinationLimited)
Rating: 4/5 - absolutely love the Robert Crouch and Morgan Packard stuff i have been lucky enough to come across this past year and a half. great stuff here. original mix is tops though


Aubrey (Solid Groove / Textures / Dark / Skudge / Komplex de Deep)
Rating: 5/5 - right up to date 2011... love the style with play :)


Brendon Moeller (Cielo / Bergain / Resident Advisor)
cool release. original and bretschneider remix my faves


Dave Twomey (Tr_nch)
I absolutely love the original and the Bretschneider remix. quality!!!
charted ...


Spesh (Loöq / Qoöl / Jondi & Spesh
showcase of subtlety and beauty here. crisp and stylish.


Merlyn Martin (Subdivisions Global Radio Show (syndicated) / A-Squared Muzik / Baker Street Recordings)
Rating: 4/5 - Love the atmosphere Original. Great opening track!!!


Birdcage (Foureal / Synapse / Untitled & After)
I really love this EP, fantastic melodies and atmosphere on the original, and it sounds like "systematic chaos" on the Kyoka remix.


Anton Pivovarov - (Power Hit Radio Murmansk / Nevesomost)
Rating: 5/5 - Fantastic sound!


Gavin Hardkiss / Hawke (Hardkiss / Noice!)
Rating: 5/5 - freaky good ... love the original


Laurent N. (Nice 102.3 FM / House Nation Radio)
Rating: 4/5 - Original & Thomas Hidebrand remix for me. Big Sound !!! Will play. SUPPORT !!!



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