Cover by Brett Walker

Never Knows

Untitled 20


A - Poe
B - Fear of the Known

A fusion of dancefloor techno and dark gothic atmospheres, Never Knows' first original tracks on Untitled & After creep into the shadowy, unseen corners of clubland. Untitled 20 is a reminder that the nightclub is a site for rituals best performed at night.

With all this talk about Witch House, Grave Wave and countless other microgenres, so much attention had been thrown to utterly forgettable tracks and artists that explore vaguely dark terrain. But, looking down those dark alleys, you're unlikely to find dance music. Or even a memorable melody. But that's what Never Knows creates: compellingly dark body music.

While Poe is deeply atmospheric, the unmistakably techno bassline and almost post-punk rhythm section are emphatic and propulsive. Vocals 'from beyond' loop in rapid-fire – issuing some vague message that is at once commanding and lamenting. The eerie synth lead quivers and wanders like a theremin stinger from some vintage British horror film.

Fear of the Known slows things to a creeping gallop beneath phantasmic clouds of echoing melodies, mysterious resonance and haunting distortion. The track is a call-and-response between the unseen and the strangely familiar pairing direct techno rhythms with early-80s goth.



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