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Land Sound

Untitled 19


A - See Emily Play (Never Knows Version)
B - See Emily Play (Robert Crouch Version)

Over a year since their epic and hypnotic collaboration “The Sea”, Land Sound return to Untitled & After with two versions of their latest “See Emily Play”. Rather than release a singular, “definitive” version, each member of Land Sound, (Robert Crouch and Never Knows) give their own unique spin on a track they never finished as a duo.

Never Knows (the new alias of Untitled & After label owner Marc Kate) creates a remix full of dense textures that throb and pulsate. Fluttering in and out of the mix, vague impressions of melodies dance around each other and create something more like a low-viscosity liquid than a hummable tune. For fans of Luciano's darker side or the subtle grit of DJ Koze.

Robert Crouch pushes the atmosphere deeper and denser, immersing the listener in a haunting architectural space. Soft echoes resound with snippets of human voice, chattering strings and sounds so distant from their sources, its hard to discern their origins. If this is still techno, it is techno at its deepest.


Cio D´Or (Prologue)
The Promos of Untitled & After are always a surprise between Rhythm & soul. Thanks a lot!

Hagen Pfennigstorf / Autodeep (Urban Torque / Wild Trackin' / Trapez Ltd.) Yeah, some really crazy mental stuff from the U&A camp again. We dig!"

Deepchild (Trapez / Anabatic / Resopal) Pretty beautiful stuff...and I was always a fan of the original Pink Floyd version too. WIN.

DJ Three (Hallucination Limited) Rating: 5/5 - wow. fantastic. love love love both cuts.

Perc (Perctrax / Kompakt / Drumcode) Rating: 4/5 - Robert Crouch version is good, will play early in my warmup sets.

Orde Meikle (Slam / Soma) Rating: 4/5 - both nice trax - will try out - thanx

Max Cooper (Traum Schallplatten / Autist / Very Very Wrong Indeed) Robert Crouch's mix is great - soundscapes of a quiet and busy space!

DJ Bleed (De:Bug Magazine) Rating: 4/5

Aubrey (Solid Groove / Textures / Dark / Skudge / Komplex de Deep) Rating: 5/5 - loving this.. never knows mix... deep thanks for promo

Nori (Posivision mag / MSN Beat culture) Sounds cool, awesome!

Dave Mothersole (Ministry Of Sound Radio) Rating: 4/5 - i like the never knows version - cool track. thanks

Omid Nourizadeh / 16B (SexOnWax / Alola / Matter / Ministry Of Sound) Rating: 4/5

Fra Soler / DJ Fra (Nitsa Club / Kompakt Rating: 4/5 - Love both mixes! will support!

Birdcage (Foureal / Synapse / Untitled & After) Never Knows version is soo deep!! I'm digging this sound very much!! thanks a lot!!

Spesh (Loöq Records, Qoöl, Jondi & Spesh) another sublime release! love the never knows version. will be a bit of a trick to find an occasion to fit it into one of my sets as it's quite deep.

tomi chair (Nice & Nasty / Ballarine) I love Never Knows version. Deep & Clear Melody.

Andrew Duke (Cognition Audioworks) Rating: 5/5 - Untitled & After label continues to impress. Thanks much!

Anton Lanski (Etoka / Exquisite Music) Rating: 4/5 - great never knows version. deep vibe with atmospheric fill

Kazuumi Ishii (Electronic Directory) Robert Crouch version sounds very good to me.

Laurent N. (Nice 102.3 FM / House Nation Radio) Rating: 4/5 - Nice travel with this Release. I love the atmosphere & sounds. I will play them for sure. FULL SUPPORT !!!

Mike Clark / Agent X (Planet E / Beatdownsounds / Push FM) Rating: 3/5 - Deep!!

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