Cover by TJ Norris
The Lady Blacktronika

Untitled 15


A - Luv Hate Us
B - Another Man (You're On the DL II)

The Lady Blacktronika's Untitled 15 is a pair of deep, resonant tracks in the spirit of Detoit's Beatdown sound. Amidst the resurgence of interest in Deep House, these tracks take their cue, not from the evolution of Minimal, but from pioneers like Moodyman, Theo Parrish and Norma Jean Bell, creating what Lady B calls, "Future Blues". They come from the tradition of reflecting a soft soul out of hard urban life, creating beauty from heartache.

Lady B's moody, soulful vocal samples are so moving you'd forget any love song ever had a happy ending. Vocals pitch up and down, between genders, swirling and echoing. Luv Hate Us is a thumping heartbeat, that pumps ever forward as we're asked, "Why do we love love when love seems to hate us?" Another Man shuffles and shimmers behind the confession, "If I could, could forget him, I would, please believe me...I'm in love with another man."

The Lady Blacktronika appears courtesy of Your Only Friend Recordings.


Todd L. Burns (Resident Advisor)

The First Lady of Beatdown continues her run of form for this, her second EP of 2010, and her first for the quietly fascinating Untitled & After imprint. Akua Marcelle Grant's production is luscious and deep in ways that contemporary deep house has no interest in approximating: Furious washes of sound envelop just about everything, including the achingly slow beat on Luv Hate Us. Grant's voice swirls around in such a way that you can hardly understand her. That's OK: This track is all about falling in love, and reason (as we all know) often goes by the wayside when you're dealing with such matters.

Things are just as deliriously strange on Another Man (You're On the DL II), which sees Grant playing with her voice in the same way that she did on First Lady of Beatdown EP, looping, twisting, tilting. In the same way that someone will repeat a word or a phrase until it loses its meaning, Grant loops "I'm so sorry" until all you hear is the grain of her voice and a malfunctioning synth. It's confusing as hell, and it might not work on the dance floor, but it sounds like nothing else around right now. And that is very much a rarity.


Tyree Cooper (Groove Baby / Supa Dupa / Dance Mania)

Rating: 4/5 - I like the Detroit Beat Down stuff and this no different. I'm feelin Luv Hate Us it has that slow build up and then drops u off into the funk. Another Man Is also a good track when u wanna keep that crowd jackin to something so different......Great Job.


Deepchild (Trapez / Anabatic / Resopal)

Rating: 5/5 - Damn, damn fine stuff. Moodymann's spirit continues with a unique incarnation and angle...just...FRESH. Full support for Another Man. YES. YES. YES.


Philip Sherburne (The Wire / Pitchfork / Beatportal / Resident Advisor)

beautiful stuff. love the pace, love the textures, love the vocals...


Perc (Perctrax / Kompakt / Drumcode)

Rating: 4/5 - Very good release. 99% more interesting than 99% of releases!


Ian Pooley (Pooledmusic / NRK / Force, Inc.)

Rating: 4/5 - Superdeep!


Derek Plaslaiko (The Bunker / Spectral)

Rating: 5/5 - Super deeeep! Top notch stuff! Thanks so much for this!


Aubrey (Solid Groove / Textures / Dark)

Rating: 4/5 - Very deep and smooth... wicked one thanks


ALTZ (Altzmusica /Bear Funk / DFA)

Rating: 5/5 - new minimal spiritual, so deep love


Chris Udoh (Tigerhook)

Rating: 5/5 - This one's For The Children !!!!


Franck Roger (Real Tone Records / Earthrumental Music)

Another Man is the one for me, nice deep slowly warm vibe


Tedd Patterson (Cielo / Shelter NY)

Rating: 5/5 - Another Man. this is sweet!


Alain Ho (DJ Yellow) (Poussez / Mindz Kontrol Ultra)

Rating: 4/5 - I alway been a huge fan of lady Blacktronika...both trax are really nice. my fav will be Another Man... will support this release on my radio show.


Ludovic Llorca (Llorca) (F Communications / Brique Rouge / Wagram)

Rating: 4/5


Jamie Jimpster (Jimpster / Freerange)

Rating: 5/5 - Another Man is outstanding! serious business that.

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