Photo by Parker Tilghman
Kenneth Scott

Untitled 13


A - so fast
B - so long ago

Kenneth Scott's Untitled 13 is a deep techno generator, running low and slow. Churning below the 120 BPM threshhold, these heavy tracks overflow with sparkling details and melodic twists.
so fast pumps out Detroit-tuned synths with a near-orchestral approach to composition...but something's not quite right as leads joust in and out of tune, jumping left and right, creating unexpected, decentered shifts.
so long ago spins like a dark, dancefloor caliope in dialog with minimal pricks and pops.
This pair of tracks were originally lost when Scott's laptop was stollen from a gig in 2009. Luckily, a cd-r of so fast and so long ago was found in the DJ booth at legendary 222 Club in San Francisco in early 2010.
Hence, this pairing is the beginning and the end. There will never be a remix.


Deepchild (Trapez / Anabatic / Resopal)

Rating: 4/5 - Tasty, tweaked-out IDM-tech...

Maetrik/Maceo Plex (Audiomatique / Dumb-Unit / Mothership / Crosstown Rebels)

Rating: 4/5 - So long ago .. diggin it!

Alland Byallo (Liebe*Detail, Missive, Dirt Crew)

Rating: 4/5 - Love it! Kenneth is crankin' out the hottest, dirtiest cuts these days! Doin' it!


Christian Rindermann / C-Rock (Motorcitysoul / stir15 / Cocoon)
Rating: 5/5 - nice groove, mental!

Morgan Packard (Microcosm / Anticipate)

Liking it!

Qzen (Palette / Permanent Vacation)

another hot release, and i can see myself fitting this into my sets.

Nori (Posivision mag / MSN Beat culturte)

Rating: 4/5 - So long ago is awesome minimal.


Josh Wink (Ovum)
Rating: 3/5 - hear the Dear influences! Hypnotic & trippy track. Hope to fit it in...

Nikola Baytala (KONTROL / Tweekin Records / Stompy)

Rating: 5/5 - The freshest and best talent emerging from san francisco !!! make sure to keep your eyes on this rising talent !!! kenneth scott representing SF big time will play in ibiza zoo party !!!

Sean-Michael Yoder (Vinyl Junkie)

Rating: 4/5 - Loving this single, mind blowing.

Fra Soler (DJ Fra) (Nitsa Club / Kompakt)

Rating: 4/5 - really love so long ago!

Tuomas Salmela (Phonogenic) (Moodmusic / Turbo / 2020 Vision / Cocoon)

Rating: 4/5 - so fast is really moody. proper after hours music

Ilker Soylu (Philogresz) (TEAMrecords / WARE / Night Drive)

Rating: 4/5 - glad to discover this interesting beats of Kenneth! will include it to my sets...


Pedro Goya (Troia / Classic/ MFF/ Brique Rouge/ Om)

Rating: 4/5 - So Fast fits like a glove to me! Perfect!


Miguel Colmenares (Subtropical / Pinksilver / Auralism)
Rating: 4/5 - so long ago is a great track! funky, squelchy and groovy.... loving it


Chris Fortier (Fade / Field Trip)

Rating: 4/5 - love it


Dave Twomey (Tr_nch)

so long ago is hot!


Johny Davies (Le Jockey / HorsePlay)

Really liking so fast, really grew on me as I listened to it. Great dub-tech vibes. So long ago fits nicely too, makes a great EP. Full support :)


Spesh (Loöq)

musically i think this is a great release. very fresh sounding. no funk faking. captivating.


Organon (Silent Season / ZeECc / Biomechanics)

Superb release! In few words - Detroit meets Berlin. 5/5

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