Photo by Timothy Cummings

Overcast Sound

Untitled 12


A - Sarapiquí
B - Kommós

C - Sarapiquí (Organon Remix)

Overcast Sound's Untitled 12 is a deep and rich chapter in the mysterious and unyielding history of dub-tech. These three tracks exist in the haze between a museum dose of opiates and REM sleep.
Sarapiquí is a slow tempo pulse guiding us past breathing caves, bird sounds and open spaces that issue strangely familiar sounds that we just can't place.
Kommós merely hints at rhythmic propulsion as subtle sounds glide by, just perceptible, just out of reach. A man's murmuring voice confides to the listener – a confession? A cry for help? An apology? His voice and the sounds that cradle it, pass timelessly without resolution.
Organon's remix of Sarapiquí is slighty more psychedelic than the original as textures and deep chords undulate and swirl. The dub tech rhythm pushes more to the up beat through myriad atmospheric details.


Dubfire (Sci + Tec / Deep Dish)
Rating: 5/5


Laurent Garnier
Rating: 4/5 - great for my radio show


Luciano (Cadenza)
Rating: 5/5


Maetrik / Maceo Plex (Audiomatique / Dumb-Unit / Mothership / Crosstown Rebels)
"Kommos- I love the anticipation this one makes me feel. great!"

Mike Clark / Agent X (Planet E / Nite Life Collective / Beatdownsounds)
Rating: 4/5 - Deep, Funky Beatdown type groove

Rick Bull - Deepchild (Trapez / Anabatic / Resopal)
lovely rainy-day good company with Vladislav Delay et al...

Jacob Kelly (Baker Street Recordings / Galaxy FM)
Rating: 4/5 - lovely detroit style synths on the organon mix. like it alot getting plays in my warm ups

Justin Harris (Music For Freaks / Classic / Paranoid)
Rating: 4/5 - beautiful.


Kiko Navarro (Pacha / Loca FM / Danza FM)
Rating: 4/5 - Sarapiqui is SERIOUS deep! i started to listen to it and i couldn't stop it. i have listened to the whole track nonstop, really like the sounds, it creates a very interesting atmosphere, a mix between nature and industrial images, deep dub as it best! very impressive.

Pablo Bolivar (Regular / AvantRoots)
Rating: 4/5 - Amazing Textures, well done!

Q-Burns Abstract Message (Eighth Dimension / EIGHT-TRACKS / Invisible Airwaves Radio Show)
Rating: 4/5
Lush + Gorgeous.

Orde Meikle (Slam / Soma)
Rating: 5/5 - nice stuff - straight on our MONOPODS - excellent grooves

DJ Tomas (XLR8R / KUSF 90. 3 FM (San Francisco) / ForwardEver Blog / Umoja HiFi)
Kommos has great atmospherics and subtle elements. A very cool and mysterious track! Organon's remix has a nice Basic Channel vibe to it.

Nikola Baytala (KONTROL / Tweekin Records / Stompy)
Rating: 4/5 - perfect dubbed out tech

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