Cover by Robert Crouch

Robert Crouch

Untitled 11


1 - Malibu
2 - Indian Summer
3 - Everything Is Forgiven

Robert Crouch's Untitled 11 is the result of experiments in writing techno tracks based on field recordings and generating rhythmic textures through spontaneous looping and re-sampling. Each track creates its own sense of place, locating the listener or dancefloor away from their immediaate surroundings to somewhere thick with ambient sound – from human to natural soundscapes. But rather than taking us to some dislocated non-space, the atmospheres are immediate and palpable. Very there – in a tension and release between yearning and fullfillment.


Luciano (Cadenza)
Rating: 5/5

Laurent Garnier (F Communications)
Rating: 4/5 - Very good ep - will present it on the radio and will play Malibu in my dj set.

Rick Bull / Deepchild (Trapez / Anabatic / Resopal)
Rating: 4/5 - Really gorgeous stuff....spacious and elegant and emersive sound design.

Mathias Schaffhäuser (Ware Records)
Rating: 4/5 - Cool stuff, pretty untrendy + beyond mainstream. like it!

Pezzner (Freerange / Om / Jacob London)
Rating: 5/5 - Incredible stuff here. Ambient themes that resemble the likes of Jeff Greinke and Zoviet France, but with a bit of a dance beat - always a good idea! Although something is itching my brain about the trance bassline in Malibu, its not going to stop me from listening to it again. Very good work here.

Mark Henning (Vitalik / Trapez Ltd. / Foundsound / Clink)
Rating: 5/5 - superb

Ludovic Llorca (Llorca) (F Communications / Brique Rouge / Wagram)
Rating: 4/5 - Everything is Forgiven is a nice mixture of ambient and techno.

Brendon Moeller (Echochord / Cielo / Bergain / Mule / Resident Advisor)
Rating: 4/5 - nice! shoegazers! :)


Justin Harris (Music For Freaks / Classic / Paranoid)
Rating: 5/5 - this ep is stunning. i really hope that it gets appreciated for what it is.

Lance De Sardi (Resopal / Coco Machete / OM)
Nice dude! Malibu is really cool!

Sven Jacobsen (ZYX Music / Nova Radio)
Rating: 5/5 - awesome ep

Chris Udoh (Tigerhook)
Rating: 4/5 - Awesome Detroit vibe on Malibu, Sure to have more than A few people asking what it is!

DJ Bleed (De:Bug Magazine)
Rating: 4/5

Dave Twomey (Tr_nch)
Really like Malibu and Everything is Forgiven. Nice tracks ...

Tomi Chair (Nice & Nasty / Bellarine)
Especially I love 'Malibu'!!!

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