Photo by Jesse Somfay

Untitled 09


A - Clair de lune
B - Love Replica

For his second EP on Untitled & After, Sapporo, Japan's Birdcage continues to generate playful but mysterious shoegazer techno. Both Clair de lune and Love Replica create juxtapositions between structured, linear techno and swirling textures. Electronic pulses and moody drones play off of field recordings that deepen the feeling that while this music is ethereal, there is something very palpably real and present in the layers between beats and tones.

Untitled 09 sounds like music created in an antique music box repair shop. Creaks and pings like rusted clocks. Purrs and sparkles like a warm wind blowing through a baby crib's multicolored mobile.


Dubfire (Sci + Tec / Deep Dish)

Laurent Garnier
4/5 - nice trippy deepness Really like this, very nice atmospheric deepness. will play for sure

Stacey Pullen (Blackflag / Music Man / 20:20 Vision / KMS / etc.)
4/5 - beautifully done!

Santiago Ferrer / Xpansul (True Type / Ovum / Soma)
5/5 - Excellent stuff. Perfect for deeper vibes.

Jack O'Shaughnessy (The MML)
To say Birdcage's music is sublime would be an understatement. Both tracks are equally evocative: "Claire de Lune" shimmers with a soft brilliance and curious sonic undercurrents; "Love Replica" is a moody journey built around a minor chord and dreamlike atmospherics. Both recommended!

Derek Plaslaiko (Bunker / Spectral)
4/5 - Love Replica is beautiful! Thank you for this!!!

Gavin Herlihy (Cadenza / Cocoon / Mixmag)
4/5 - excellent futuristic melodies on Clair de Lune. It's hard to find the right moment to play tracks like this but when they arise they're always magical. thanks!

Lance De Sardi (Bang the Box / Om / Resopal Schallware / Dessous)
Cool release man. Thanks!

Pablo Bolivar (Regular / AvantRoots / Galaktika)
4/5 - beautiful stuff, i love it, "Clair de lune" is like a clear dream, good work!

Roy England (Dope Recordings)
4/5 - Beautiful deep techno, nice grooves with serious headiness.

Lee Holman (Ferox)
Really like this ep and will be playing it at home and out! thank you!

Dave Twomey (Tr_nch)
absolutely stunning... i have a sneaky feeling 2010 is going to be a big year for this man!!!!

DJ Mozaic (Glimmer Of Dope / EPROM) 5/5 This is gorgeous. Perfect wintertime sounds... some of the more unique stuff I've heard in a bit

Sizemoreism (Ping Pong / Solarscape / Tharsis Records)
5/5 - Really cool stuff here "Clair De Lune" is my fav here, love the spaciousness and the excellent drum & percussion programing, will play it!

Q-Burns Abstract Message (EIGHT-TRACKS / Eighth Dimension / Play.FM)
4/5 - Gorgeous effort, and always inspiring to hear a producer stretching the envelope.

DJ Three (Hallucination Limited)
4/5 - fantastic stuff.... both these are incredibly well done and I look forward to playing them.

Mike Clark (Agent X (Planet E / Nite Life Collective / Beatdownsounds)
3/5 - Nice smooth dreamy.
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