Cover by Jesse Somfay
Land Sound

Untitled 06


A - The Sea
B - The Sea (Somfay 'Scarlet Blue' Remix)

The Sea is as deep and vast as its name, starting as calm, blue waves of splash and twist that quickly get overtaken by a storm of female vocal loops and shaking bass. A hypnotic, elliptical siren song.

Jesse Somfay's remix is an even more epic affair. Rolling, marching rhythms propel a celestial shower of symphonic echoes. A mist of saline tears. Like Boards of Canada covering Maurice Ravel. Bookended by a clandestine shortwave radio transmissions, this is library music for the Rapture.

Dubfire (Sci + Tec / Deep Dish)

Laurent Garnier (F Communications)
4/5 - love both mixes will play track 1 in clubs and track 2 on the radio

Sasha (emFire)
4/5 - Orig is ace!

Chris Fortier (Fade / Field Trip)
5/5 - original awesome

Peter Kruder (Kruder & Dorfmeister)

Rob Rives aka Floppy Sounds (Wave / Mute / WaveTec)
Digging both cuts here, very smart cerebral stuff. Original is closer to my sort of groove but the Somfay mix has a nice epic quality to it that I like.

Qzen (Palette / Poker Flat / Permanent Vacation)
Love the epic Somfay remix!

Kaüna (Brique Rouge / Mondaizz Radioshow / Radio Galaxie)
sure to play it alot!

Lukas Greenberg (Plastic City)

Markus Enochson (Sonar Kollektiv)
4/5 - very kool and original. me like

Pete Moss (Recline Records / Straight Shot)
5/5 - the sea is bananas, love it wow

Gavin Hardkiss / Hawke (Hardkiss)
5/5 - excellent sounds!!

Hernan Cattaneo
4/5 - very good both mixes

Tomas Palermo (KUSF 90. 3 FM, XLR8R Magazine, ForwardEver Blog)
I like the Scarlet Blue remix with it's rich production aesthetic. Nice textures and layers.

Jon Cates (Cates & DPL / Om Records)

Spesh (Loöq / Qoöl)
original mix is really big and really tight and minimal at the same time. i can see this working big time on the dancefloor. somfay mix is brilliant home listening.

Birdcage (Basilic / Untitled & After / Nice & Nasty)
Jesse's mix is for me. deep and abstract rhythm will fit for my DJ-mix. I will play.

Terry Matthew (Editor, 5 Magazine)

Velanche (Urban Landscapes Radioshow / KCPR 91.3 FM)
The Sea's a really nice start, but I wasn't expecting the remix to be so deep and so good; definitely takes me into outta space! Full support, fo sho! 9/10.

DJ Morpheus (Radio Campus)
5/5 - totally fresh ! i like the sea a lot.... and the rmx is excellent too.... what a lovely "different" track... full support from me.

Chris Udoh (Tigerhook)
5/5 - Love this one.

Dayan (Durty Rec L.A / Azuli)
Nice one! Perfect for deep late nights.
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