Photo by Robert Crouch

Untitled 05


A - Metamorphosis
B - Nothing to Say

Birdcage tracks are masterful interplays between hard and soft. Their roots are hard, four-on-the-floor techno structures that support fragile melodies and flourishes of rippling sound. Metamorphosis is mighty like a roaring storm. Nothing to Say projects brilliant cascades of falling water that catch sparkles of sunlight. While at first these tracks sound otherworldly, they are only as otherworldly as staring the repetition of rain or the curl of tree branches in the wind. Time stands still. Hypnotic and beautiful. Sits comfortably next to Gas, Jesse Somfay, the Field or even Seefeel.

Laurent Garnier
4/5 - completely spaced out --will play this out

President Bongo (GusGus / Gluteus Maximus)
Favourite Track: Metamorphosis
5/5 - mmmm!

Pheek (Archipel)
Really like this release, thank you!

Takaaki Suzuki (Ihatov Remains / Synapse)
Birdcage constructs a well-balanced tower of intellectual sound. It sounds fictitious but it is undoubtedly nonfiction. His tower of sound is still getting higher and higher with silence and roar.

Katsuhiko (Revolver / Nice &nd Nasty)
Metamorphosis: feels like watching an old sepia movie. Tight solid bottom line and crashed synth sounds gave me whole field of nature spread out view.
Nothing to Say: I like this dreamy sound. This track made my imagination massive.

Jondi (Loöq / Qoöl / Harthouse)
Two off-the-beaten path tracks with an ethereal, sophisticated feel. Nothing to Say is my favorite with a fascinating blend of dissonance and melodic beauty. Untitled & After is a label to watch.

Alland Byallo (Nightlight Music / Liebe*Detail / [KONTROL]
I like Nothing To Say. Very pretty stuff.

Andrew Duke (Cognition Audioworks) Rating:
4/5 - Great tracks. Especially inventive kicks and hi hats. Thanks!
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