Photo by Robert Crouch

Untitled 04


A - Darkling

A step deeper and darker for Silencefiction comes the appropriately named Darkling. A moody ghost summoned to tell the tale of Detroit past, Berlin's present and San Francisco's possible future. Not the real Detroit, but a foggy, Moogy impression. Not the real Berlin, but one cobbled together with German software. The real San Francisco? That's anyone's guess.

Quentin Harris (Strictly Rhythm / Nite Grooves / NRK)
What exactly is this? Maybe Silencefiction is just wayyyyy ahead of it's time or maybe it's just pure self-indulgence.

Roger Sanchez (Strictly Rhythm / Azuli / Ultra / Indeep Productions)

D.Ramirez (Azuli / Slave Recordings)
4/5 - Brilliant!

Kaüna (Brique Rouge / Mondaizz Radioshow / Radio Galaxie)
4/5 - HUGE!!!

Lukas Greenberg (Plastic City)
Very nice, love the groove.

Alland Byallo Nightlight Music / [KONTROL] / Liebe*Detail
Cool, unique track!

Jondi (Loöq Records / Harthouse)
"Deep, driving, and incredibly wide. 5/5. Full support. Will chart and play on Loöq Radio."

Andrew Duke (Cognition Audioworks / Nice & Nasty)
5/5 - Great stuff. Will definitely play this out. Thanks much!
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