Photo by Margie Schnibbe
Land Sound

Untitled 02


A - You Should Never Have Come Here
B - You Should Never Have Come Here (Lance De Sardi Remix)

Land Sound's You Should Never Have Come Here is at once both dark and shimmering; eerie and uplifting. Its spritely, minimal, clip-clop beats cut through swirling pads and swooping tones like something mysterious approaching. "You Should Never Have Come Here" advances like twelve gilded ponies pulling a dark carnival down a dark, muddy lane.

Lance De Sardi's remix is a track Willy Wonka would drop at 3am. Goopy, taffy notes wrap around rattling jawbreakers. Bubblegum pops and liquid centers burst. It's an epic skip around the Candyland board. But this much sugar can't cure the hiccuping funk that's deeper than the Molasses Swamp.
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