Photo by Gail Grinnell
Yann Novak

Artist / Designer


Yann Novak is a sound artist and composer based in Los Angeles. His compositions have been published by Dragon's Eye Recordings (US), The Henry Art Gallery (US), Infrequency (CA), Mandorla (MX), smlEditions (US) and White_Line Editions (UK) among others. His work utilizes different forms of digital documentation as a point of departure. Through the digital manipulation of these sound and image files, his works serve as a translation from documents of personal experiences into new compositions fueled by the original experience.

Novak's installations and performances have been presented internationally at prestigious events and venues including American Academy in Rome (Rome, Italy), Decibel Festival (WA), Henry Art Gallery (WA), Las Cienegas Project (CA), Lawrimore Project (WA), LACE (CA), Mutek Festival (Montreal, QB), San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (CA), Suyama Space (WA), TBA Festival (OR) and Western Bridge (WA).

As a result of these endeavors, Novak had been invited to numerous Residencies including Environmental Aesthetics Residency (WA), Espy Foundation Residency (WA), and Kasini House Studio A Residency (VT).

In 2005, Novak re-launched his father’s Dragon’s Eye Recordings imprint with a new focus on limited edition releases by emerging and mid-carrier sound artists, composers and producers. Since its re-launch, Dragon’s Eye Recordings has published over 25 releases and has received critical acclaim. In 2009, Infrequency Editions, curated by Jamie Drouin, was integrated into Dragon’s Eye’s operations and distribution.

In recent years Novak has collaborated through select installation, performance and recorded work with CSDG, Robert Crouch, Jamie Drouin, Will Long and Marc Manning.
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