Safety Scissors



The boundary between 'artist' and 'geek' is fine, yet frequently unacknowledged or concealed by overzealous intellectuals. MPC (i.e., Safety Scissors) does little to hide his social awkwardness in the quirky techno he produces and performs. If anything, he would rather admit to being a geek than to being an 'artist' or a 'musician'. 'Anonymity is much more interesting. It's silly when people say they are an artist or a musician. They're just trying to cover up for something else- that they don't have a girlfriend or smell bad or suffer from alcoholism'. Although he is the ultimate dork debonair, MPC does not over-obsess with the computing process. Singing on his works for Force Tracks and Plug Research, MPC experiments with camp techno. Releases on Carpark and his own label Proptronix similarly pervert techno formula with an electric ukelele and bubble gum. MPC has an abstract and clumsy approach to making music and distinguishes himself from the intellectualism of abstract/minimal techno. The proud drop-out of the art school establishment pursues neither expressions of unmediated human feeling found in Abstract Expressionism or regimented lines of stucture in minimalism. Rather, with subtlety and smoothness, he references both in his unique sense of sarcasm.
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