Lance De Sardi



Even though Lance De Sardi has the skills to twist knobs with the best of ‘em, he’s just as happy sitting with pen and paper writing songs. Not willing to claim any one genre as his “style”, his musical output always teeters somewhere between Techno, House & Industrial, but always highly electronic.

These days, with the party in full swing in San Francisco, Lance has his grubby fingers in almost every aspect of music. He’s started a label and coinciding club night called Bang the Box, turned his alter ego Land Shark into a full live band, and is even working on a live performance for his solo material. “Whatever you do”, he says, “don’t pigeon hole me. Aren’t those things rats with wings?”

He has released records on Classic, Naked Music, Coco Machete, Seasons, and PIAS, to name a few. With his 2003 underground hit “Tie Me Up”, under the moniker Land Shark, and his huge remix of Zap Mama’s “Rafiki”, he has solidified his place in dance music lore.
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