The Lady Blacktronika



The Lady Blacktronika infuses experiences from her past in gritty street life while bringing a woman's sensitivity and emotion to the Beatdown genre and Chicago influenced House music.
In 1997 she hooked up with dj friend Mattski who gave her first taste of music production doing vocals on numerous unreleased house tracks. Frustrated with "the boys not letting [her] play with their toys", she began her own House and Techno productions in 2006, producing Beatdown tracks inspired by such Detroit greats as Theo Parrish, Moodymann, and Norma Jean Bell.
In early '07 Mike Huckaby discovered her on Myspace. He introduced her to a global audience on a Detroit radio broadcast. She released her first single shortly there after on Deep Explorer in September of '07.
Ms. Lady B. takes already established genres and infuses them with her own unique flavor. She creates what she calls "DL Tracks" – taking female vocalists and pitching their vocals down so they sound like men. The effect creates the illusion that a man is singing a love song to another man, hence the term DL, which is both a nod to the LGBT community as well as a way to cleverly disguise vocal samples.
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