Honey Soundsystem

Jason Kendig obtained his first record player at age 5, his first synthesizer at age 7 and started buying dance records in Detroit in the early '90s. Since then, he has graduated to DJ as his record collection of House, Techno, Disco, Italo and beyond continues to crowd his living space. Currently living in San Francisco, he is a member of the Honey Soundsystem collective, a group of gay DJ's and producers who focus on raising the bar on dance music ever higher.

As a producer, he focuses on analog synthesis and drum machines, pushing the vintage sound forward as he amasses and explores instruments with a 'hands-on' approach. His physical approach in the studio translates to deeply physical sounds on the dancefloor.

His tracks have been released on Honey Soundsystem's home label HNYTRX, Andy Butler's (Hercules & Love Affair) MR. INTL label, and a remix of Finesse on Portland's Ecstasy Records. In collaboration with Jacob Sperber (as Honey Soundsystem), he has remixed Body Language for Smoke & Mirrors Records and Mankind for 3rd Strike Records.

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