Jesse Somfay

Artist / Photographer


"I have intense dream sequences during my sleep. Some of these dreams are decadent trophies amongst all of my other dreams and remain overexposed in my mind free for me to rediscover at any time. These dreams consist of immense psychedelic journeys through the richest and most detailed scenes of strange and otherworldly spaces and enclosures. The natural becomes the hypernatural and old baroque wall paneling appears slowly with an ever present feeling of grace. Gelatenous lamp shades create glassy halos around light fixtures which erupt from the mycelium of the walls and ceilings. Pictures on the wall become doors to self similar rooms and it just keeps on going until one last incredible space perfect with every imperfection. Picturesque windows are pushed open and the shutters removed. The warmest pure sunbeams shine through the windows and while the eyes adjust, a forest of ten mile high trees with the most perfect glossy green heart shaped leaves unfurls and tears are shed by way of a single gentle smile. For one brief moment, I was there."
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