“Fairytale techno” is what I instantly called Groj’s sound upon hearing his first official release - Edlothia. Even though there are loads of excellent producers running under the nightlife/live act radar, only a couple of names can proudly come to surface as owners of a trademarked, recognizable sound. Groj happens to be one of them. ‘’ – Origami Sound

‘Crossbred French-Canadian-Australian, music is solace for an absence of clarity. The highlight of my life was when I once knew how to be shamelessly coarse about things and others, betraying unwanted truths people were so desperate to keep. Music is also that, a way to be that person again.’ – Groj

Groj’s music has been described as a psychedelic wonderland. As a musician, he curses and charms listeners with moody and epic club music. He connects graceful gestures with organic imagery and a rumbling minimalist cadence. His obsession with highly defined sounds and cunning narratives makes his music crafty and immersive, allowing for tension and release to coil in imaginative ways. His DJ and live performances are both wild and sensual, merging thick and bizarre minimalisms with elegant, velvet melodies.

Groj is supported by Sasha, James Holden, Laurent Garnier, Nick Warren, Max Cooper, Paul Hazendonk, Henry Saiz and many more....
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